Monday, October 3, 2016


after a week hanging out in the badlands and hell creek, i've come home from vacation.

believe it or not, this was a working vacation and a lot of the information that i've gleaned will show up in the game.

cool beans!

here's a nice photo of me next to a sign.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Assigning Variable Classes

We had a great developers meeting last night.

I (Pauly) am the game graphics man, and mechanic writer as well as various odd jobs around the workscape.

John has the glorious job of actually making the game. As the coder, there is no game without him. He is the genius behind every action.

So, as a two man team, when there is anything to do that is not code, it is MY JOB and I am happy to do it.

Today I begin doing something that is akin to what a third man would be doing... Communicating the ideas in to code ready format - I am assigning variable classes.

What is a variable?

Let me break it down to you in a really great metaphor. Plush toys.

So let's say that all "Items" are "Plush toys".

Class: Item

Done. That was easy. But to the computer they are all the same. So...

Subclass: Color (with values set from 000001 to 999999 or whatever)

But that's just one aspect

Size, Weight, Head shape, Ear shape, Nose shape, body shape, Two tone color, Three tone color, Neck length, Eye placement... Etc...

It's a long process.

Twirly Gig is not a game about plush toys.

It's just the best metaphor I had at the moment.

And I have a lot of variables to choose from.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

First Official Dev Meeting

John, I, and the girls all hung out on videochat today discussing ideas.

Good stuff.

Basic format, basic ideas... GOOD fun and great company.

The bones are forming together nicely.